Lazarus Saturday Divine Liturgy

Our children will be singing the Divine Liturgy on Lazarus Saturday.

The booklets that the children will sing from are attached below. The younger children will have booklets with the words and the big kids will have booklets with words and music.

Children’s Choir – Young Kids

Children’s Choir – Big Kids

To prepare for the service, recording of the booklet are provided below to sing along with.

Number 1 and 2 (all)

Number 3 (Big Kids only)

Number 4 (all)

Number 5 and 6 (Big Kids)

Number 7 (all)

Number 8 (Young Kids)

Number 8 (Big Kids)

Number 9 (Big Kids)

Number 10 (all)

Number 11 and 12 (all)

Number 13 and 14 (all)

Number 15 and 16 (all)

Number 18, 19, and 20 (all)

Number 21 (all)

Number 23 (Big Kids)

Number 24 and 25 (all)

Number 26 and 27 (all)