Antiochian Women

As Metropolitan Philip has written, the women of AOCWNA are hard working, dedicated, and have a strong sense of sisterhood.  They continue to find ways to strengthen their ministry in the Orthodox Church.  St John Chrysostom parish has been well represented in the Midwest region, having a recipient of the Metropolitan Philip Award and  President  of the Midwest  AOCWNA region.

Saint John Chrysostom has been very fortunate to have a strong Antiochian Orthodox Christian Women of North America Society (AOCWNA) chapter.  Our ladies society has been active participants in the life of our parish since its inception in 1978.  The ladies meet monthly and they are considered to be the foundation of our church.  Their activities range from spiritual to fund raising projects, for the benefit of our church and our local community.

The ladies group is usually the first group our church calls upon to help provide supportive services to members, as well as non-members, upon the death or sickness of a family member.  The ladies are mothers, sisters, and friends that can provide a mercy meal for the bereaving family on short notice.

Our ladies society has been called upon to help with many projects such as visiting the sick, disabled, and elderly family members of our parish.  They help clean the church for special short notice engagements, help prepare the church for Easter and Christmas services.

The ladies of St. John Chrysostom have been one of the most successful organization of our church.  They have furnished all the equipment and appliances in our parish kitchen through their dedication and hard work.

Projects that have proven successful over the years include “Laham Mishwee” dinners after church, bake sales at the mall, “Hafli”s and Middle Eastern Dinners, Meat and Lenten Fatayer sales, and their famous

Holiday Baklawa sale. In addition to the food projects, the society has done Style Shows and Garage Sales.

Some of the Ladies Society’s humanitarian projects include food drives for the hungry, Adopt a Child programs, and a local Winter Coat drive for the homeless.

For any questions about membership or ideas for projects, please contact our priest.