Church School

Our Church School program gives our children the basic concepts and knowledge of the Orthodox teachings.  Our program curriculum is designed toward the different age groups of our parish.  Our program starts at age four and continues through high school and is open to all children.  Classes will be held on Sundays after Divine Liturgy.  The Church School year begins in early September and continues thru the middle of May.

The Church School students will be singing Divine Liturgy on Lazarus Sunday, the day before Palm Sunday. To help them prepare, practice recordings can be found here.

The School activities include arts and craft projects, Old and New Testament stories, and other religious activities.  Occasionally, an extra class may be needed for preparation of a special event or field trip.

Attendance is treated as a means of encouraging our children to come to church school regularly.  Awards will be given for reaching certain attendance milestones.

Our Sunday School teachers are selected for their experience in Bible studies, their dedication in teaching the children of our parish, and their love of our church .  The Sunday School teachers are under the direct supervision of the Sunday School Director and the Parish Priest.

We encourage any parents or other members of our church family interested in becoming involved with our program to call our priest.